Faredirect Modules

State-of-the-art Ancillary Revenue Forecasting
Faredirect Forecaster uses AI to unlock the full potential of ancillary sales performance. Utilizing Big Data and Deep Tech techniques gives the airline a unique insight into user behaviour and motifs of purchasing individual ancillary products. Faredirect Forecaster predicts how much each traveller is willing to pay for each ancillary service by looking into each booking session.
Ancillary Business Analytics Dashboard Module
Faredirect Ancillary Business Analytics Dashboard (ABAD) has been built for airlines to monitor their ancillary performance live.  It unifies all your data intelligently, removing any overlap and duplication of booking records and applying the right context in real-time. Airlines benefit from the deep ancillary performance that empowers the smart decisions of the best actions to take with them in every moment. 
Economic Behaviour Module
Faredirect applies economic behavioral strategies to the offered ancillaries for further increase successful transactions per end-consumer. 
Offer Management Module
Faredirect Offer Management through customer and channel segmentation. Optimized ancillary bundles are offered to the right customer at the right time.

Faredirect platform

Faredirect platform allows users to work only on a single platform to manage all ancillary-related tasks including monitoring, analyzing, and applying any strategy.  
Intuitive Workflows
Widget-based dashboard provides different view options to satisfy different user expectations and help users to identify any revenue opportunities
Data in real time
ABAD receives both historical and real-time data in order to provide consumers with up-to-date statistics.

We deliver real value

Structural revenue improvement
Faredirect grows ancillary revenue without making structural changes to current processes
Faredirect can be seamlessly implemented, directly linked to the airline’s direct distribution network
Cost effectiveness
Faredirect offers attractive subcription fee and doesn’t charge for the system implementation

Why now?

The Covid-19 Pandemic has an expected negative global revenue

impact for the aviation sector of $500b*

Airline ancillary revenues were valued at $110b in 2019 with doubledigit growth
You know advanced RM principles. Why not applying the same logic to pre-flight ancillaries products to generate more revenue?

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