Increase your conversion rate and unlock the greatness of ancillary revenue

The rates of the ancillaries are fixed and are not adjusted to meet the needs of the consumers. Personalizing them would help you to effectively optimize your ancillary sales.

up to 50%

Of low-cost airlines' total revenues come from ancillaries


The average share of ancillaries in the revenues of airlines around the world
Enhancing revenue streams is the key element to recovery from COVID 19 pandemic

Airlines may use Faredirect to optimize additional sales and track main ancillary KPIs from a single platform.


Step 1

As the buyer is searching for flights, our artificial intelligence algorithms assess the buyer's expectations for each additional product and estimate the buyer's willingness to pay for each ancillary product.

Step 2

Faredirect AI provides the customer with a selection of ancillaries at the best possible price in real time, raising the customer's likelihood of purchasing them.


Step 3

Customers get the ancillaries they need at the lowest possible cost...


Step 4

...and airlines benefit more from ancillaries.

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Why Faredirect

Extensive experience
More than 35 years of experience and knowledge in the airline industry
Easy integration
Easy integration without any disruption to the system
Quick revenue
Very fast ancillary revenue gains
Partnership in results
The attractive subscription pricing model

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Nordwind Airlines was established in 2008 and started to perform flights with three aircraft to 6 destinations. Since its establishment, the airline offers a safe flight, quality service and genuine hospitality. Currently, Nordwind Airlines is in TOP-7 Russian Airlines in terms of passenger turnover.

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Use the power of AI and increase the ancillary revenue of your airline.

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